If a Tree Falls in a Forest…

I always thought I knew the definition of family… names, bloodlines, history, traditions, heritage, etc., and largely chartable on a clean, geometric org chart on an ancestry.com map. Children permanently weave two lineages together, establishingContinue reading

All In-Security

**The following is a guest contribution by Jim, my security guard.** “If we think we need to install a security system at our house, then we should think about moving” is what self-righteous Jim wouldContinue reading

Bored? Lonely? Whatevs…

Everyone has an opinion about going tiny. They wish they could. They never would. They wouldn’t know what to get rid of. And to a person, they can’t imagine not being able to escape fromContinue reading

Wait, What White?

Navajo. Yep, that’s the white. Not bright white…ew. You know what I mean: the difference between a Vera Wang wedding dress and one from Forever 21.  When recently discussing the finish on our house’s cabinetry,Continue reading

What Dat You Say?

When I first saw the word “Laupāhoehoe” on a road sign as Jim and I made our way around the Big Island on our rented Harley during my first visit close to four years ago,Continue reading

It’s Potty Time!

The time has come to get this “business” business out of the way. As Taro Gomi confirmed, Everyone Poops, but where, when, how, and for how long they do is a grab bag. Speaking ofContinue reading

Soul Power

So, will we be “all in” to tiny house living once it is built, you ask? The short answer is…eventually. We have a condo at one of the myriad complexes along the Kohala Coast onContinue reading

Land Ho!

Lest you think that this little (tiny?) movement of ours is all rainbows, blissful shedding of the unnecessary, and careful planning of under-stair storage, every day brings us many degrees of emotional upheaval. Admittedly, JimContinue reading

Alright, Already!

There’s a blog-fest going on in my family, and I want to be a part of it! Not because I want to be read; rather, blogs capture the author’s thinking, feeling, and interpretation in a wayContinue reading