You know that friend, the one you can talk to after years and years, and it’s as if no time has passed? Yeah, that kind. They’re the absolute BEST. They make all of life’s chaos—relocations,Continue reading

FGFIII: A Remembrance

A number of years ago, my father—I won’t say reluctantly… well, yes I will—reluctantly joined me for a session with my therapist. Bless that guy. As you might imagine, there truly was no place onContinue reading

Let’s Get Real

Brené Brown. Now, that woman is an inspiration. Gritty. Determined. Smart. Funny. And clear as a bell. And she’s so unflappable. That’s what I want to be: unflappable. No such luck. I think they created theContinue reading

A Hunter’s Peace

I’ve always been a collector of sorts. Or better said, I have periods of blind focus on gathering particular things. A thing hunter. Fountain pens. Russian dolls. Miniature chairs. Miniatures of any kind. Even whenContinue reading

Burning Out and Hugging Trees

A week ago I made the trek from the Big Island to Eleuthera and, basically without incident, arrived home. Deep down roots home on this little slice of Bahamian heaven. Sounds, smells, smiles… all theContinue reading

Spirituality and the Unknown

Sometimes the universe just steps in and whacks you upside the head. I fancy myself one of those lifelong learners that’s all the rage, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that IContinue reading

The Painful Effects of Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a psychological term that that I’d never heard before last week. Coined from the 1944 film Gaslight, this form of emotional abuse has plagued all sorts of relationships, and I can’t stop thinkingContinue reading

The Great Earbud Challenge

This is a guest blog entry, written by my beloved techie, Jim. It all started with an article by about great holiday gifts. I trust them with solid tech information, needed to find giftsContinue reading

Precious Zs

Is it strange that I think a lot about sleep? I think I am abnormally and disruptively obsessed with how much shut-eye I get. Not in an I-need-eight-hours kind of way, but rather in an I-need-to-plan-to-get-eight-hoursContinue reading

Tiny House Revisited

Now that we’ve been in our highly chronicled (Tiny House: Start to Finish) little bugger for a few months, I thought it might be fun to share some truths about our tiny life. Nothing dramaticContinue reading

That’s A Hack, Jack!

Every time I go to dry my hands in our bathroom, I am overcome by a sense of self-satisfaction. You see, I’ve come up with a solution for hanging my hand towel that eliminates theContinue reading

Phatty Phat Fatso

I’ve always known there would come a time when I would need to write about one of my least favorite subjects, and today is apparently the day. With three young adults in the house –Continue reading

Position Available: Parent

As our house fills with kiddos this holiday season, I am reminded just how AMAZING parents are. Whether infants or adults, our children are living proof that we truly are exceptional human beings. And I’mContinue reading

F*cking Up

I fucked up. Okay, so this isn’t much of a newsflash, but I’m putting it out there anyway. After all, everyone screws up, right? And, they say, without mistakes there is no growth. So, I’mContinue reading

Oh, and World Peace!

You know that scene in Miss Congeniality when Gracie Lou Freebush, newbie to the beauty pageant scene, is asked during her first competition interview: “What is the one most important thing our society needs?” AndContinue reading

The Emptiness of Parenting

I love being a parent, though I’m not exactly sure why. Early on I imagine it had to do with the idealism of unconditional love, and then later maybe it became about the feeling ofContinue reading

Here We Go Again!

After much trial and tribulation, the bathhouse – the second tiny house structure that we bought off Craigslist – was delivered to the property last week. We’ve owned the sucker for months now but wantedContinue reading

The Gift of Effing Gab

If off-color language offends you, move along. Nothing to read here. I swear. A lot. Always have and, in all likelihood, despite – say – 40 New Year’s resolutions, always will. From the moment myContinue reading

Word, Mr. Churchill. 

I’m grappling with what it means to have standards. What are they really? Is there a guide book on them? Are we just beaten with our parents’ and friends’ expectations until they become our fact? OrContinue reading

Mending Fences

You know what’s hard in a tiny house? Fighting. That’s what’s hard. No doors to slam, no dramatic throwing of things, and nowhere to escape. Man, my clenched jaw and pursed lips are getting aContinue reading

Just Relax!

Ever worked really hard on something? Something physically, emotionally, and intellectually difficult? The kind of thing that makes you wake up un the middle of the night, list-checking, running through options, and doing the never-endingContinue reading

Howzit, Brah?

Anyone who lives on the Big Island and has left – whether for the day or for weeks at a time – knows that feeling when you see that Kona runway and its surrounds asContinue reading

Riding Bitch

A longtime rider, Jim recently joined a motorcycle club, and it’s taken things to a new level. Together we navigated the proper sewing of his club patch on his new black leather vest, and aContinue reading

Easy There, Veruca!

I don’t know what it is, but Ellie has taken the concept of consumer items way too literally; I truly think she eats her cellphones. Whether due to an errant yoga pose, collapsing furniture, a paddleContinue reading

A Different Kind of Mind

A mile deep and an inch wide. That was how we were told to think of the Asperger brain. While the vast majority of us have a limited ability to retain much beyond a veryContinue reading